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Let's talk about social networks

What is the most popular platform for uploading photos? Of course it is Instagram! Millions of people post daily photos of their lives, share the most pleasant moments of their life and... making inspiring content! Today I would like to share with you my new finding - Bianca Paul. She posts stunning photos on her instagram but somehow she doesn't have hundreds of subscribers yet. This must be changed! Let's meet Bianca: 

Where are you from? 
I'm from Romania, the beautiful city of Timisoara, the city of lights and roses (just got declared European Cultural Capital for 2021, so you should check it out!). Funny enough, now I live in Eindhoven (The Netherlands), the city of lights and Dutch design. However I instagram from all over Europe, since I travel a lot. 

How long have you been using instagram? 
Officially since 4th June 2012; I just checked my first post and had a laugh. But I started more intensely June 2015, when I volunteered on educational projects for one summer in Nepal and India - I had the amazing opportunity to travel with locals, in their homes, and reach very remote places, so all those stories inspired me to share them with my friends at home through photography. That was the moment when I also started to turn my instagram into a more artistic/storytelling one, not only documenting my life with random photos.  
Is it your hobby or you work as a photographer? 

A bit of everything. I sometimes call myself a lunch-break-weekend photographer, since I travel a lot in the weekends just to explore new cities through photography. And it's a bit of work also because sometimes I also shoot for www.withlocals.com, the start-up that I work for. I often travel to new cities to expand the website and besides the project management part, I also document photographically our visits. Oh, and I am one of the photographers and visual adviser for my brother's rock band, The Different Class, that you can follow at @thedifferentclass - obviously for free :))

Do you make money from instagram? 
No. I have some ideas of projects, but at the moment are not my priority. But just to give you an idea, I started small steps of food photography, initially simply documenting my lunches, but after that also cooking, styling and shooting entire dishes, and even buying props for the "photo sessions". I really love doing it, but instead of cooking and eating in 1 hour, the entire process ended up lasting around 3 hours, because I would take pictures in between, then style the food in different ways, and end up eating it cold. So that's why I don't always have enough time and/or enough natural light (since I live in the Netherlands) to do it. But that got me thinking I should be smart, and now my boyfriend is cooking and I am only taking the photos :)) But in the future I want to start telling stories of my friends and their taste for food, while cooking together with them in their homes - this way I will document the urban lifestyle and taste for food that makes you feel at home. Food brings people together after all :)
What is the main idea of your account? 
Still searching. Initially it was simply random things of my life, then it turned into travelling & food, and now I moved all my food photography to @urban.taste.stories, and keep @natural.vagablonde for traveling and lifestyle. At the moment, I think it's all about atmosphere photography, if I can call it like that. I try to surprise people and situations in their natural environment, and comprise all the feelings and vibes of a city through a series of photos that are diverse, from portraits, street lifestyle, architecture, interior design, landscapes. Combining a bit of everything to give life to a short chronicle of how I experienced a city.
On what basis do you choose photos for your instaram? 
I always ask myself if the photo tells a story and if it's something that people don't usually look at, so I can create the surprise effect but also leave room for imagination. Also lately I avoid posting photos that I don't feel are outstanding, and bringing something new to the table. I am not very keen on long explanatory captions, and usually I try to create conceptual few words messages that give a poem vibe. 
How much time per day do you spend on instagram? 
Let's say maybe 2 hours of intermittent scrolling spread around the whole day. I usually post one picture a day, and check out what my favorite photographers also posted. 

Where do you find inspiration for photos? 
I just go out, open my eyes, and it's there. When I enter my photographer mode, my visual attention enhances and I notice all sort of beautifully hidden stories, on the faces of people that pass by, in the blending colors of nature and in the architecture that reveals the lifestyle of the locals. I don't plan my photos, neither start with a theme in mind. It's pure street observation. 

Do you have a favorite instagrammer?

I have some accounts that inspire me, all related to traveling, cooking and lifestyle. Some examples: @alexstrohl @food52 @kpunkka @lookslikefilm @sejkko @justinablakeney @_foodstories_ @wisslaren @davide @psihotrop @sandracristu @ovidiupop @lavinia_cernau 

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Urban inspiration

Photographer of the day

 Today I want to tell you about a young and talented photographer: Nadezhda Chekhova

Where are you from? 
I'm from Kiev, Ukraine 

How long have you been doing photography? 

I have been doing photography since I was 13 years old (I am 18 now) 

Is this your hobby or you work as a photographer? 
At the beginning I thought photography is going to be just a hobby for me, I wanted to be a painter, but everything has changed. Photography now is not only a hobby, it is also my job. 

Do you have a favorite project that you made/favorite photo? 

I can't say which one is my favorite. With every photo shoot I'm improving and every new shoot becomes my best and favorite. 

What is your favorite style? 

I like to work in fashion style. 

What is your favorite style? 

My inspiration each time comes from a different place. I could find it in random items, movies or books. It happens differently every time. 

Do you have a favorite photographer? 
My favorite photographers are Tim Walker and Domen Van de Velde 

Sunny tenderness

By Svetlana Boynovich, photographer from Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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Photographer of the day

Today I started a new project: Photographer of the day. I used to post photos by photographers from around the world, but never wrote wrote about them! So I decided to fix it. Meet my first photographer of the day: Viktoriya Bejan 

About Viktoriya:

 Where are you from?
 I live in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine

How long have you been doing photography?
I started working as a photographer in 2013. In 2015, I began completely dedicating myself to photography and thinking about every angle. 

Is this your hobby or you work as a photographer?

Photography is not my full-time job, yet I think it's more than a hobby. I am spending every minute of my spare time to do that. 

Do you have a favorite project that you made/favorite photo?

I have no favorites. They all are. In every one of them I put a part of my soul.

What is your favorite style?
I like to shoot themed portraits, working with people who are not models and had never worked with professionals. They inspire me to create interesting pictures.Now I'm evolving in the genre of conceptual photography. This genre is allow me to express and show my small world through the photos that I create.

Where do you find inspiration for work?
I can talk for hours about inspiration. You see, I'm a very sensitive person, so I get touched by pretty much everything in this world, and I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me: the change of the seasons, flying birds, people, music, places and the sky.

Do you have a favorite photographer? 
I like creators whose works always touch my soul, photographers such as Tyler Rayburn, Bella Kotak, Erik Johansson, Corwin Prescott, Henri Cartier Bresson and Anka Zhuravleva.