четверг, 20 октября 2016 г.

Photographer of the day

Today I started a new project: Photographer of the day. I used to post photos by photographers from around the world, but never wrote wrote about them! So I decided to fix it. Meet my first photographer of the day: Viktoriya Bejan 

About Viktoriya:

 Where are you from?
 I live in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine

How long have you been doing photography?
I started working as a photographer in 2013. In 2015, I began completely dedicating myself to photography and thinking about every angle. 

Is this your hobby or you work as a photographer?

Photography is not my full-time job, yet I think it's more than a hobby. I am spending every minute of my spare time to do that. 

Do you have a favorite project that you made/favorite photo?

I have no favorites. They all are. In every one of them I put a part of my soul.

What is your favorite style?
I like to shoot themed portraits, working with people who are not models and had never worked with professionals. They inspire me to create interesting pictures.Now I'm evolving in the genre of conceptual photography. This genre is allow me to express and show my small world through the photos that I create.

Where do you find inspiration for work?
I can talk for hours about inspiration. You see, I'm a very sensitive person, so I get touched by pretty much everything in this world, and I find inspiration in everything that surrounds me: the change of the seasons, flying birds, people, music, places and the sky.

Do you have a favorite photographer? 
I like creators whose works always touch my soul, photographers such as Tyler Rayburn, Bella Kotak, Erik Johansson, Corwin Prescott, Henri Cartier Bresson and Anka Zhuravleva.

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